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A Quick Chinese LoveLinks Review

If you are interested in meeting or dating Chinese women then you must hear about Chinese Lovelinks.  This is, in my view, the premier Chinese dating internet site out there.  There are 100’s of thousands of members and it’s so easy to get started you will be amazed.

As a quick test of the website I logged in and created a profile just to see what was required.  It’s free to make a profile and it took me roughly 6 minutes from the time I logged in to the website until my profile was done.  That included a brief description of me, what I was looking for on the site and uploading a photo.  It was just so quick and hassle free.

Once on the site I took about ten minutes to browse around and see what girls were now.  Surprisingly, even though it was 6am in China there were over 700 members logged in!  And in the ten minutes I took to look around I would bet I encountered profiles and pictures of over 2 dozen girls that I would have been interested in meeting.

I had uploaded my photo because I realize you get much more interest if the ladies can see your face, but too bad for me it takes up to forty eight hours for your photo to be approved.  So, I wasn’t able to test what replies I would get from the women with a photo.  You’ll just have to wait for me to update this article after several days once the photo goes live on the website.  If Chinese LoveLinks is like most other dating site though I’m sure the addition of the photo will make my profile 10 times better. Meeting Chinese women couldn’t be simpler.

UPDATE:  After having my photo live for just 24 hours I’ve had 14 girls show interest in me and 2 direct emails.  Not too bad for just 15 minutes creating a profile and browsing around the site.

Possibly the number one feature is the online chat which lets you to write to the women in real time, similar to MSN or AOL chat.  With the chat feature you can get online and be chatting with Chinese women in literally minutes.  Or if you want to play hard to get then use the show interest feature and let them contact you.

Chinese Lovelinks has so many awesome features and so many Chinese girls as members that I definitely recommend it as my best choice for meeting Chinese women, either online or off.  And because you can log on and contact them within minutes no matter where you are in the world, Chinese dating has never been faster and simpler than this.

June 14, 2009   No Comments