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Thoughts of Chinese Love

Do you think that Chinese love is different from love in Europe? Quite a few men are searching for details about Chinese women and Chinese dating that it appears that somehow they have the idea that Chinese love is somehow a different kind of love than that found in the West.

Certainly the proprieties around courting and matrimony may be dissimilar in China I don’t think that Chinese love is any different than that found the West. Chinese women have similar sensitivity and similar degree of love as any other girl, no matter where you are.

So, try not to assume to much about what you will hear regarding Chinese girls and love. Yes, you’ll run into various differences once the connection is started if you decide to take it farther, however the initial blossoming of love won’t be greatly dissimilar than what you’re used to in your country.

If you make the effort to get to know the woman and Chinese language and culture then you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble in cultivating both a relationship and a lasting love for each other. In matters of the heart I don’t think that race is all that important. All of us have similar feelings no matter what nation we come from.

So please try not to fixate too greatly on the differences in the customs of China as you begin your quest to locate a Chinese girlfriend. Rather, maintain your attention on the lady and her mind and feelings. You’re both searching for the same thing, specifically love, and while it might be a ephemeral thing, once located you’ll ask yourself how you ever survived without each other.

Believe me, the love of a Chinese lady is an astonishing gift and the lengths of that love can often be shocking. If you make the effort to truly relate to a Chinese lady you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

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How to Say I Love You in Chinese

When you connect with a Chinese girl and you like her or think she’s wonderful you want to be able to tell her right? It can be intimidating enough for some of us when the woman speaks English like us, but what can you do if you’ve just met the Chinese woman of your dreams and don’t know how to tell her how you feel?

It’s truly fairly easy to pick up some phrases of Chinese and believe me they will go a long way in impressing your Chinese woman. Your Chinese woman will be ecstatic that you have taken the time and effort to learn some of her language.

These are several basic phrases that will assist you to determine how your Chinese lady feels and will let her know exactly you feel too. There’s no reason to allow your different languages keep you from speaking the language of love – in Chinese.

Wo ai ni (我爱你)- I love you
nee hun pyaow-lyahng (你很漂亮) – You are very beautiful
ni hen ke ai (你很可愛) – You are very cute
wo xiang ni (我想念您)- I miss you
ni you nanpengyou ma (你有男朋友吗) – Do you have a boyfriend?
zuo wo nan peng you (能您出去與我) – Can you be my girlfriend?
wo yao wen ni (我要吻你) – I want to kiss you
ni shi wo de tian xin (你是我的甜心) – You are my sweetheart or darling

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll post more helpful phrases for Chinese dating and Chinese love phrases later so you can share matters of the heart more easily with your Chinese lady. Please tell me if there’s anything additional you are curious about.

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