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Steps to Find A Chinese Wife

It seems to me that there are a lot of men hunting for a Chinese wife and I believe this is a great idea. I can assure you from my experience that a Chinese wife can make a great partner and will make your life more rich. If you haven’t already taken the first step I suggest that you do it by getting online and browsing around at what those Chinese dating sites can offer you.

While your new wife won’t be afraid of work, forgive her for dreaming of a life of luxury at home. She will wash your laundry (even by hand if need be), cook your dinner, spoil you, bring you a beer and deal with you hanging out with the fellows at the local watering hole as long as you take care of her wants (which might include sending dosh home to her parents to maintain her honor) and even go as far as empowering her as custodian of the family funds.

You Need to Be Patient
It’s so frequent to hear of guys going to China on business and marrying the 1st sweet lady they encounter. This is not only foolish for the fellow, but similarly foolish for the girl who is most likely just taking whatever opportunity she gets as her chances of meeting Americans is limited.

In your own city you wouldn’t dream of marrying a lady you met a few weeks ago. You need time to get to know your new Chinese friend, to understand her culture and history and to trust each other. You also need to understand the monetary implications of your relationship, as throughout history in China marriage is an economic partnership as much as a romantic one. Make certain to look before you leap.

Chinese Bride

Considering Age vs Beauty
It’s true that younger women are certainly more attractive and vivacious, in many cases they are less settled and less reliable. Older girls typically will have improved social skills, better morals and will be more steadfast. China has undergone quite a bit of changes over the past 20 to thirty and you will notice that the younger generation might be lacking in much of the past charm and innocence of China.

Be a culture vulture
Make an attempt to learn Chinese language and learn as much as you can about the Chinese culture. There are plenty of websites on the net you can visit to learn about Chinese culture and to learn some Chinese language. If you ever expect to cross the cultural fence you should at least love your Chinese wife enough to try.

It still amazes me that many blokes still travel to China with the expectation they will collect a new spouse like choosing a new pet. Still more amazing is that they expect their new Chinese wife will fall right into life back in their home town without any concern for her culture. Not to say it can’t be done, but I think it is crucial to at least have an understanding of Chinese culture so you have some idea of what your spouse is undergoing. Chinese and Western cultures can be totally different in many aspects.

Don’t shy away from shy girls
Chinese’s are typically extremely conservative and shy so you should expect some degree of shyness from your Chinese lady, especially in the beginning. Don’t be shocked if the woman invites a family member or best friend with them on your first few dates, this is completely normal for Chinese culture. Also, don’t be surprised if it takes some time to get your first kiss. Romantic actions are not viewed as they are in the West and intimacy is something that mostly comes later in a relationship in China than in America.

On the other hand, typically a shy lady is also a good girl. One who has good manners, morals and values. These are precisely the types of ladies you should be searching for if you’re looking to marry a Chinese lady. Please be patient as often Chinese good girls will think that once you are having sex your future marriage is guaranteed. Try not to hurt them.

Final Word
While I have attempted to maintain objectivity each guys experiences will necessarily be unique. Some of you may disagree with what I’ve written and that’s fine, it is simply a general guideline for successfully locating a Chinese wife.

Just remember that there is no such thing as the perfect relationship. Any good relationship will require work. Locating the right Chinese wife will give you the feeling you’re on cloud nine and indeed many men report feeling like the luckiest man on the planet after locating their Chinese wife.

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