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When European blokes come to China to connect with a lady, quite a few of them will join one of the Chinese dating companies that are plentiful in Beijing. Once there, they will meet a few girls who parallel their criteria, quite a few of them young and pretty and, for a high percentage of these fellows, engagement will come after the Chinese dating experience rapidly. This gives them a younger spouse, who is typically very beautiful and has everything a man thinks he desires.

For the women who sign up with the Chinese dating companies, they usually claim they want a person who is kind, gentle, will take care of me, has cash and a good job. When they meet an older American man, through the Chinese dating firm, they assume he has all these things.

The problems start for the girl when they move to the guy’s native country to learn he is a working class fellow, with limited money and no social interactions. I’ve met Chinese ladies who have wedded a guy like this, gone to Australia to be together, and found within a few weeks that this bloke and way of life is not possible for them. They ended up back on the 1st flight to China several weeks later. For Chinese ladies who choose this alternative, they want to visit other countries. All Chinese however love China and the lifestyle there. It only takes a few weeks in the cold of England or the brashness of Australia for them to decide they want no part of it.

For the fellows, they get married to Chinese lady assuming they’ve met somebody who is pretty, youthful, will adore them and take care of them, and be their fantasy spouse. Reality comes when the real persona of the Chinese wife comes forward. Chinese ladies have an external demeanor of peace and meekness. In reality, Chinese girls rule the roost and have powerful persona’s. For a Western fellow who assumed he had his obedient dream lady, it’s a huge wake up call. All of a sudden their Chinese spouse is tougher and harder to please than any Western girl they’ve ever encountered.

There’s also the reality that the European bloke is deluding himself when he believes a youthful, attractive Chinese lady is dating or wedding him for himself. These girls are searching for an improved life (who can condemn them!), and it’s totally about lifestyle. Most of them wouldn’t pick the fifty-five year old American bloke if they had other options. But, if the 55 year old Western man comes with a big house, a new auto and a large bank account – yes, they’ll take him. A year down the road however, when he realizes communication with his spouse is confined because her language skills are low and she has differing hobbies and tastes, that’s when these guys start thinking about splitting up.

For the ladies, China has become a place that is concerned with dosh and luxury. Most average Chinese ladies have no way of achieving this so, when a Western man appears like a knight in shining armor, very few of them will refuse his propositions. All that they have ever wanted is being given to them. Why would they turn it down? And they are even signing up with the Chinese dating websites in droves to obtain this lifestyle for themselves.

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1 bernie yoksh sr { 03.15.10 at 10:56 am }

i married a chinese lady ,i have been trying to get her here in the states for over 2 years and soon she will be here in about 4 months,i have been to china 4 times,the last time 2 months , my wife is very nice , and is very warm and smiles a lot ,i am in love ,my dreams are going to happen soon ,yes they want to be take care of and so do i ,we are falling in love more and more each day,my wife is from guilin china,my wife did not do tricks for me when i first meet her ,we started very slow at first , yes there is love some were, i was lucky.

2 HUSAIN TANDIWALA { 03.19.11 at 2:47 am }

I have been coming regularly to china during the last 5 years. I frequently travel to Hangzhou, Yuhuan, Yuwi, Changshu for my business trips.
Interested girls, pls contact me

3 cui { 05.29.11 at 12:16 am }

how do i contact you husain

4 starbucks_sg { 10.27.11 at 1:10 am }

I fully agree with the contents of this article. There is always two sides of a story. Most westerners come to China hoping to find a young spouse, an opportunity that back home they will never enjoy. Chinese girls on the other hand are thinking of freedom overseas, a life that China couldn’t possibly offer them. So if they get it right great but if they don’t then too bad. A Chinese girl looks at a guy past fifty not because he has the looks but more so, the money which the younger westerners have nothing to offer. Some Chinese girls and I have seen many of them just want to fling with foreigners just as the westerners would in search of such girls in the pubs. It is a win win situation, although I think in some ways the Chinese girls end up as trophies for the westerners. I used the term westerners and not whites because I myself am a Chinese and I have experience that myself with Chinese women.

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