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So, you have decided that you want a China girlfriend, huh? This is a good selection in my perspective and I should know as I’ve had quite a few. Chinese girls are a wonderful change for men from the west from what they are used to. If you don’t trust me just give them a try. I guarantee that when you have had a China girlfriend you can never need to come back to the women of your own country.

So, what is it exactly that makes a China girlfriend so wonderful? There are bunches of things, plenty of them boiling down to the conservative nature of the Chinese culture mixed with the undisputed fact that men are regarded as higher in social standing than girls. This does not make Chinese women meek or weak always, but it does give them a more female nature. Unlike women of the west who no longer know if they are female or male thanks to the wonders of womens equality, there is no doubt in the mind of a Chinese girl that she is female and she portrays this perfectly. If you’ve ever been to China then you know exactly what I am talking about.

China Girlfriend

Literally each single female there exudes femininity, from the way they dress to the way they move and talk. And, you may never see a Chinese girl go out to the mall or a restaurant without first guaranteeing that she looks good. No heading off in sweat pants and a baggy tee shirt. No, Chinese girls will make sure that they look their best before heading out each single time. They take great pride in looking good.

Without doubt you are curious what other benefits come from having a China girlfriend. Well, for newbies how about a girl who not only cooks and cleans, but never complains about it or even mentions it. She’ll essentially enjoy doing these things for you, especially if you show some appreciation about it.

You may find that because there is no question about her femininity that Chinese girls are awfully open in the bedroom. They enjoy sex and will make sure that you are enjoying it too. Gone are the times of I am exhausted or I possess a headache. That in itself is perhaps enough to make many men consider a Chinese girlfriend.

Maybe you too had a Chinese girlfriend in the past or maybe you are making an attempt to find your first China girlfriend. Either way, there’s no better time than now to get online and find that girl of your dreams. Thanks to the Net there are actually thousands of Chinese girls looking online for foreign husbands. Probabilities are that you may have a China girlfriend by the end of the week.

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1 jamshid { 07.29.09 at 2:35 am }

Hi, i like have more girlfriends in china,pls recommend me. tnx

2 imtiaz { 05.24.10 at 11:07 pm }

my name imtiaz pakistani peshawar

3 wirba pascal shula { 08.07.10 at 3:00 am }

really want to have a Chinese girl i can share with and who can teach me the Chinese language

4 erilou { 09.11.10 at 1:32 am }

i like have more girlfriends in china

5 jesse { 10.15.10 at 12:38 pm }

i wish to have a girlfriend from china

6 ChinaNTime { 11.05.10 at 3:02 am }

There is one key reason I have been considering Chinese girls over let’s say Japanese girls. That being I have heard Chinese girls are more vocal and speak their mind. This to me is very important as I am not into reading minds lol. Frankly you learn by speaking up and not just by being polite. Not saying that isn’t important as well. Although I value a women who can do both but certainly knows how to hold her own. If Chinese girls are anything like this then I’m there. Not to mention only having to worry about one writing system is a plus. In addition to speaking just about anywhere in the world. Why it has taken me so long to realize this is beyond me.

7 omer { 12.29.10 at 1:30 am }

hi every one, i really wish that one cute girl from china be my girl friend and become my life partner. my bussiness is in Pakistan. please if any one intersted please mail me. i am waiting for her…….

8 zaib { 01.23.11 at 10:22 am }

i wish china girlfriend to be my life

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my shoukathali i am from india chines giri i love you ok bye

10 HUSAIN { 03.19.11 at 2:59 am }

I like have chinese girl freind and learn chinese language. I am regular to China, from the last 5 years. Any girl interested, pls mail me

11 salman akram { 05.15.11 at 12:18 pm }

i wana get merry with a chine girl. so plz help me and send me her cell no . so that i will contct with her and go to c her in china

12 hamood { 08.29.11 at 4:19 pm }

Hello I love and I want to be my wife from China, the nature of my job, especially if the technical and programmed car keys and decode electronic devices and welding of the desire

13 Jim { 03.19.12 at 1:32 pm }

I am looking for a Chinese girlfriend for dating in the Los Angeles area. I am in my late 50’s at 5 ft 11 in tall, 180 lbs and in fit condition. Age is no matter, wish to go out to eat, see sights, enjoy special private times.

14 Ranjith Goonethillake { 09.24.13 at 1:20 am }

Please find me some pretty girll friends age between 25-35

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i am looking chinese gril friend in shenzhen for enjoy special private time or help me for my bussiness

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i love a chinese girlfriend who love black men,who can transfer and meet with me.am real love chinese girls.

18 alireza { 04.27.14 at 5:35 am }

hi i would like to have a chinese girlfriend so in my trips to china i can be with her and use each other in good ways.that girl will be very lucky to find me

19 alireza { 04.27.14 at 5:43 am }

i need a pure chinese girlfriend not a whore

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